dac® Oil - "I have been meaning to tell you. @ Leeks they fed DAC to Squishy (PM GOLD STYLE)....we took him outside and I have never in my life seen a horse shimmer like the opulence of a goldfish...his gold was shimmering...not shiny....I mean that freaky shimmer of a goldfish ....

My show horses are DAC babies hence forth..." - Erin M. - Claremont, Ont Canada

Sandi - "Sandi is my dealer as well and she can get stuff to you quick!!! Love her knowledge, passion, care, and dedication to getting people the supplement they need for a great price and quickly." - Carri W. - Clifton, IL

dac® Cool Gut "Very pleased with the cool gut! Spice cleaned up all her feedings at the show which she has never done even when on ulcer guard and it hasn't been quite two weeks! Will be ordering the big one next time!" Michelle T. - Knoxville, IL

dac® products - "I just wanted to say I love y'all product, my horses love y'all products! I bought from y'all about a month ago and I couldn't be happier with the results already! I will def be a lifetime customer"

dac® Oil - "Hi Sandi....I wanted to tell you that it has taken just one container of DAC Oil to bring Pac Man back to a good weight and it's helping his color too...he only gets one shot of it morning and then at night...it is great stuff!!! Thanks for selling such a great product!!" -  Kris T. - Chickasha, OK

dac® Yucca 5 Way - "I have a coming 2 year old filly that was having problems with her fetlock joint buckling over.This all started as a yearling. I tried two other products from other companies and they did nothing. Sandi suggested I try the Yucca 5 Way along with dac Orange Superior. I have had her on that for almost 60 days & she is MUCH improved .....she runs around the round pen like a weanling kicking up her heels and bucking. THANK YOU DAC AND SANDI!!!" - Sharon P. - Rockford, IL

dac® Bloom - "Words can not describe the things this product has done for my 2 year old stallion. We bought him in May 2010 and had very deep concerns that he would never grow due to being severely malnourished. Poor boy had never seen hay or grain other than corn. After speaking with Sandi, my dac rep, I decided to give it a whirl. He was 13.3 hands and tiny framed in May 2010. To much surprise, he is now 15.2 hands in Jan 2011 and muscle tone and definition to amaze! He looks amazing! His coat gleams and he looks like a whole new horse! We will be switching him over to dac Orange Superior and I have no doubt it will continue to do amazing things for him. I look forward to starting my filly on Bloom for 2011 show season as well!" - Carri W. - Clifton, IL

dac® Optimum Flex - "My 3 year old filly has been in training since August 2010 and we had tried several different joint fluids / pellets on her during this very stressful stage in her life. We never found anything that was satisfying for us. She will still coming out stiff in the mornings and we could just tell she needed something better. We started her on dac Optimum Flex in November 2010 and within 15-20 days there was an incredible difference in this filly's movement. She is never stiff any time of the day anymore and we have not expierenced any issues since putting her on Flex." - Carri W. - Clifton, IL

dac® Direct Action - "Both my 2 and 3 year olds are on dac's multi vitamin, Direct Action, I love this product as it provides everything my horses need and I dont have to supplement multiple things each day. I know they are getting what they need and I can trust dac products. Both my youngins have beautiful long strong flowing tails, full manes, strong hooves that grow well and support them wonderfully. Their coats are amazing, sleek and shiny. I thank dac for that! Neither of my horses have had any health issues and I also thank dac for helping keep my young show horses healthy!" - Carri W.- Clifton, IL

dac® Foundation Formula - "I can definitely see a difference – her hooves have gotten stronger and grown out so much better then I’d expected – when I first brought her home she had her feet done and shoes pulled – not much growth and hooves were o.k. but not as strong as the farrier said he’d like to see them.  Well she had her feet done 6 weeks later and she’d grown almost all of the nail holes out!  That’s a lot of growth and the farrier said he could definitely feel the difference in the hoof walls, etc.  PLUS the big thing that’s great is the tail growth.  She literally has no tail – long and thin!  To give you an idea of how thin we didn’t even have enough hair to put in a tail extension last year!  Now the top of her tail is so thick with new hair growth it’s exciting to see what it may look like in say 6 months as all of those hairs grow through.  I’m so excited!" - Kim M. - Rio, WI

dac® Orange Superior - "I have a broodmare that when not in foal, just doesn't look as good as she should.  Her coat could be better and she didn't hold her weight very well.  So I put her on dac Orange Superior and within 3 weeks, her coat was better and she dappled out.  After 5 weeks, the only grain she was getting was a small amount as a carrier for her one ounce of Orange Superior twice a day.  She really blossomed!  Looked tremendous and even seemed more playful in the pasture." - Sandi Lamrouex - Davis, IL

dac® Breeders Choice Plus - "I had 2 mares that I wanted bred early last year and I was shipping semen. They weren't hard to cycle mares, but I couldn't afford to ship on them very many times. So I tried dac Breeders Choice Plus in addition to being under lights.  I wanted everything to be just right.  Both mares cycled early in December with their first cycle and were ready with a normal cycle in February!  Both were bred and settled the 1st time!  I really believe that dac Breeders Choice played a role in preparing a healthy environment for insemination." - Sandi Lamrouex - Davis, IL

dac® Digestive Aid - 9-2-11 - "Just an update on Magic and dac Digestive Aid. I will always sing praises about dac!"  9-22-11 - "I thought I would have to put Magic down, she was THAT bad, until I contacted you and got her on dac!  I am a true believer forever!  Love the dac products!!!  Thank you soo much!  I have a healthy mare! Thank you for asking all the right questions to get the best products for my gal, she is doing so well after giving her dac!" 11-21-11 - "When you believe in a product like I do, I will tell everyone!  Magic is doing FABULOUS!!!" - Debbie S. - Appleton, WI

dac® Digestive Aid - 12-3-11 - "My mare had the same thing (Feed Founder), but she was almost to the point of me putting her down, and I called Sandi, a dac rep. and we did a consult and she pointed me in the right direction for her, and she is now 100% sound with the products that she suggested. Nothing else worked for her but the dac products. I hope you send her an email,, I am a total believer for the dac products.  Trust me, I used EVERY available product out there and only dac worked for my mare.  Here is her email sandi@paintacoat.com   it's cheaper to go with dac than to try and find another source that you think might help, but won't.. Please contact her to save your mare. - Debbie S. - Appleton, WI

dac® Optimum Flex - Just ordered another tub of Opti Flex...5 lbs this time.  Seems to be helping the old boy.  He has actully been loping around his pen... partially due to showing off for the ladies, but he seems to be moving a lot better!  Dale has even noticed a difference...which is amazing in itself.  3-31-12 - Janet E. - Orangeville, IL

dac® Bio Shield - Wound - Introduced in 2012, I was anxious to try out this new wound product.  My first experience ended up being on one of our cats!  Please open the attached account of his healing from nearly having his throat ripped out! The Bio Shield was painless, and very effective at keeping the wound healthy scar free. - Sandi Lamrouex - Davis, IL (Now sold under the Farnam® name)

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