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dac® Rescue-Aid Formula 9-1-1 Analysis TableRescue Aid is a unique combination of naturally occurring microorganisms, special proteins, active live yeast, vitamins, minerals and other important natural components, that all work in harmony to help the animal "take care of itself". It’s a state of the art supplement in meal form, with a pleasant apple aroma. Rescue Aid is designed to support a healthy immune system.
Available in 4 sizes of 2.5 lb (in stock), 5 lb, 20 lb, and 40 lb Bag. Please call to order larger sizes.
Formula 9-1-1 Days of Feeding

dac® Formula 9-1-1 Paste Analysis TableRescue Aid Paste

Most unwell animals go off feed. An efficient way to introduce dac Rescue Aid  is in a paste.

One Tube = One Dose = 30 grams