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dacĀ® Colt GrowerColt Grower is scientifically formulated to supply essential minerals and nutrients for the growing horse. It contains Calcium, Phosphorus, Chelated Zinc, Chelated Copper and live yeast culture. Lack of any of these minerals can have a devastating effect on skeletal development. 
Optimum Growth
One of the major causes of Developmental Orthopedic Disease (DOD) is minerals imbalances. Horses will achieve 85% of their mature height (at the withers) by 12 months of age,  as well as 70% of their mature weight. Thus, the skeleton grows more rapidly than the rest of the body. Therefore, it is very important to include minerals essential for bone building while providing energy for optimum growth. Because todays market rewards big, growthy colts with a higher value, horseman "push" the growing youngster with high concentrate diets and then run the risk of causing a mineral imbalance and in turn results in DOD's.
A good way to "feed the bone" and obtain optimum growth is by adding the Colt Grower and Bloom to the young horses' diet, to not only provide  the important trace minerals for bone development, but also the fatty acid that will help provide the growth that todays market demands.
Available in 3 sizes of 5 lb (40 Days Supply), 20 lb (160 Days Supply), and 40 lb Bag (320 Days Supply)
1 Scoop = 1 Ounce / 2 Ounces Per Day Per Head (3-12 months of age) / 3 Ounces Per Head Per Day (Up to 2 years of age) if fed with unfortified grains.

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