Medicated Shampoo 32oz Price: $15.50

Medicated Shampoo is a gentle, therapeutic, and cleansing formula which provides protection and improvement of topical skin ailments. With skin conditioning emollients and a pleasant fragrance, dac Medicated Shampoo conditions skin while lifting stains and soils. This formula relies on a combination of natural essential oils including Emu Oil, Sage Oil, and Tea Tree Oil to soothe and nourish hair. Boswellia Extract and MCT Oil facilitate cell growth on a molecular level and act as a natural healing agent.

• Prevents, improves and soothes skin problems that are associated with Bacteria, Yeast, Mold Fungi, and Viruses
• Gentle Ph balanced formula • Leaves coat clean, and conditioned • Safe to use on Cuts, Tears, and Abrasions