Breeders Choice Plus Price: $101.50 Retail Price: $103.64 (Save $2.14)

Breeders Choice Plus is a vitamin and mineral additive formulated for the breeding horse. Nitrogen is a bi-product of the digestive process that seeps through the gut wall into the reproductive system naturally. This process is a detriment to the healthy eggs and semen. The ingredients found in the Breeders Choice Plus help support healthy reproductive function.
Available in 2 sizes:  20 lb bucket (160 Days), and a 40 lb bag (320 Days Supply).  1Scoop = 1 Ounce / Stallions: 2 Ounces Twice Daily / Hard to Cycle Mares and Fillies: 2 Ounces per Head AM and PM 2 Months Prior to Breeding Season, and 30 Days after Vet Check to be in Foal.
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