Cost of Shipping vs. Buying Locally

We do not intentionally mark-up any shipping costs, and we understand that cost of shipping can be an influence when making a decision to purchase products, especially feed products that can be, by their very nature, heavy to transport.

To that end, we've constructed a simple table to illustrate that letting us do the work and ship our products to you can be even more economical than searching out the same product locally, driving to the Feed Store, buying and coming home. Here's how it works:


A recent shipment of dac Oil 25# went to Nevada. Shipping cost was around $27.00. Buying locally can easily exceed that fee with the hidden costs mentioned here. With the cost of fuel, wear-and-tear on the truck or car, distance to the feed store, and your own time, it's simply amazing just how much it can cost to buy locally rather just order your products from us in between other barn projects. 

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Visual Cost of Shipping versus Buying a Product Locally