Special attention needed for fast-growing babies

As the new year begins, the new foals are arriving, and the last year's are now Yearlings. It's not uncommon for these young horses to exhibit typical growth spurts. Along with this may come some tight tendons, shaky legs, swollen joints, epiphysitis and general body soreness. All due to uneven growing spurts. 

This is a time to be vigilant in giving these young horses a good looking over each day! The number one piece of advice I can offer is to react immediately! DO NOT choose to "wait and see" in this situation. Chances are you will have a much easier, much more successful and much less expensive outcome buy acting right away. 

Dac is well known for the excellent results achieved by starting these horses on Dac CMZ Paste and Yucca 5-Way for these symptoms. Additionally we recommend Dac Colt Grower for proper vitamin mineral supplementation. If your young horse is causing you to wonder, please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email. Let's talk about your concerns and get them put to rest early. All of my information is here on my website www.dacFeedStore.com