Schreiner's Testimonials

Lacey - Leg Injury when found

Lacey - Another Schreiner's Success Story

Please take a look at either this PDF or this image for a complete description of just how well Schreiner's Herbal Solution and some TLC will work.

- Sandi Lamrouex - Davis, IL


Schreiner's Herbal Solution - "I don't know if I remembered to tell you or not but the Schreiners I ordered from you was a God send! I had taken in a mare that had a horrible puncture wound to her hock and was skinny as can be on top of it. They were certain she'd never be riding sound again. It cleared it up faster than I thought would ever be possible. -

Her hock was so huge and entire leg was bowed out By this spring my mom had come over to see her and couldn't tell which leg was the one the injury was on! I just kept squeezing the bottle into the opening. I really appreciated that top on the refill!" - Amy Mayer - Necedah, WI

Schreiner's Herbal Solution - "Three Cheers for the Schreiners! My yearling dinged up his leg pretty good and my favorite stand by, Underwoods was not doing it's usual miracle work. Today is day 3 of the Schreiners and you would not believe the difference! I should have taken pics. Thanks so much for getting it out so quickly to me. I'll definitely be ordering more to keep on hand!" - Amy Mayer - Necedah, WI

Schreiner's Herbal Solution - "This is the best thing that I have ever come upon! My mare was severly injured in November and her injury was still healing at the beginning of May. The 2nd week in May a friend of mine recommended Herbal Solution to me and I began using it immediately, and the progress was unbelievable!!! Her leg healed better and faster in one month with the use of Herbal Solution as it did from November til May." - RandiMarie Klecker Kewanee, IL

Schreiner's Herbal Solution - "This stuff truly is the BEST! It has saved me countless hours and dollars. I have never had bad results with Schreiner's. Once you use it once, you will NEVER use anything else for injuries EVER again!" - Megan Richter - Forreston, IL

Schreiner's Herbal Solution - "I would have to say this product was easy to apply and you could see the difference with in a few days, helped speed up the healing process, and make my boy feel like his own self again. I would recommend this to all my horsey friends to keep around their barn.. Thanks so much Sandi for sharing this with me..." Cheryl Beltran - Waldo, WI 

Schreiner's Herbal Solution - "Hi Sandi, I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I love Schreiner's Herbal Solution.  It is amazing!  Leaving the ugliest of wounds virtually scarless. It is a wonderful product. Also, it has such a long shelf life.  I am also sending a bottle to a freind to try on her psoriasis! Thank you so much." - Barbara Brandt - Verona, IL